At the legendary Różyckiego market, it used to be possible to buy anything, from a crisp white wedding dress to a new firearm. This lively market in one of Warsaw’s historic quarters was once regarded as the city’s most popular bazaar and the epicentre of culture during the communist era. Close to a railway and metro station, the Różycki quarter is well connected, but the area is a shadow of its former self.

While the shiny veneer has faded over the years, the soul and spirit of the quarter remain strong. Różycki houses many of Warsaw’s historical buildings, dating back from before the Second World War.

Using the district’s historical architecture as a foundation, and with the right guidance, this area can once again be a vibrant gem in Poland’s capital city.


A showcase for the city and country

It will be a difficult project, so the Warsaw authorities reached out to the Advisory Hub for support in crafting a feasibility study to revitalise this neighbourhood.

Using an analysis completed by the Warsaw authorities, the Advisory Hub looked carefully into background information, conducting studies into the feasibility and financial aspects of the project. The city will be able to use the Advisory Hub’s findings and the Bank’s credentials to attract private investment, showcasing the benefits of public-private partnerships.

Thanks to the Advisory Hub’s help, projects like this will attract new life to the area by bringing in more workers, tourists and shoppers, so helping to restore the north city district’s vivacity. The success of this project can also serve as a good example to revitalise other districts in Warsaw and perhaps other cities in the country.