Transport generates a quarter of Europe’s carbon emissions. Electric transport and hybrid transport signal the shift away from fossil fuels and are key to meeting the goals of the European Green Deal.

The metropolitan area of Clermont-Ferrand, in France, is becoming greener thanks to an energy transition programme. This includes renewable energy and sustainable mobility measures, such as the rehabilitation of the tram network into a modern zero-emissions system with four main lines, the introduction of a rapid bus service and the construction of a new tram terminal with facilities for energy production.

The project looks at strategies to implement a smart grid for the public transport network combining different renewable energy sources and alternative fuel vehicles (electric and possibly hydrogen). This investment in smart grid technology will bring together energy and mobility investments and help reduce the carbon footprint of the city.

Our experts are providing technical and financial advisory to Clermont-Ferrand to better integrate energy and urban mobility investments and to improve access to finance with a viable financial plan. The Hub’s support will help maximise the chances to implement low-carbon mobility projects in this area and enhance the production of carbon-free energy. The Hub will also help the city’s authorities identify alternative sources of funding and optimise the financial and contractual arrangements at all project stages.

This ambitious multi-energy mobility project will improve the lives of Clermont-Ferrand’s citizens, who will enjoy climate-friendly public transport and clean energy.