Energy efficiency helps us use less energy to complete the same tasks. Using energy in the most efficient way has many benefits. It lowers greenhouse gas emissions, reduces demand for energy imports, supports the economy and cuts expenses. Improving energy efficiency is often the most immediate way to reduce the use of fossil fuels, particularly in the building sector.


Slovak Investment Holding, a state-owned stock company, identified buildings as an area where more energy efficiency could help the community. Answering the Advisory Hub’s call, Slovak Investment Holding received support to enhance its advisory services by recruiting expertise in sustainable investments and energy efficiency. The primary focus has been to increase awareness of ways to renovate buildings using energy performance contracting (EPC).

EPCs are arrangements between building owners and an energy service company. The company carries out energy efficiency projects and guarantees a certain amount of savings over the duration of the contract. 

This funding included advisory support for the design and implementation of financial instruments in the sector, advice on a template for energy performance contracts, and support to identify smart-city investment projects across Slovakian municipalities.