The city of Stara Zagora in central Bulgaria aims to build a virtual reality lab to upgrade the country’s first Digital Innovation Hub. This will pave the way for the country to transition to the fourth industrial revolution and the new, emerging technologies it involves. Easier access to research and development infrastructure will facilitate investments in information and communication technology and other high-value added industrial sectors. It will also attract investments for the construction of manufacturing plants, warehouses and logistics facilities.


As part of these efforts, the city plans to create a laboratory for multi-wall immersive virtual reality in partnership with Industrial Zone Zagore, a company recently established by the Municipality of Stara Zagora and the Ministry of Economy through National Company Industrial Zones.The virtual reality laboratory will be established on a municipal property in the centre of Stara Zagora.

It will host research and development activities in collaboration with investors and universities and provide training activities. Investors will use the lab to develop industrial solutions and applications for the promotion of cultural heritage.

The Hub’s experts are helping the municipality of Stara Zagora and the Industrial Zone Zagore to assess the market potential and build a business case for the virtual reality laboratory and develop a financial model to generate sustainable revenues and attract further financing sources.

The Hub is bridging the promoter’s expertise and financial capacity gaps. Our experts are making the project happen while minimising its risks. This is key to ensuring that the project is viable, financially sustainable and delivers its economic, social and educational benefits.