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[1] Including urban authorities which administer large and small cities and towns and other urban areas with responsibility for substantial investment through individual projects and programmes;

[2] Including those public entities that contribute to sustainable urban development

[3] The Urban Agenda for the EU brings together EU initiatives on urban development and aims for better funding, better regulation and better data in 12 Priority Themes, i.e. Inclusion of migrants and refugees; Jobs and skills in the local economy; Urban poverty; Housing; Circular economy; Air quality; Climate adaptation; Low carbon energy transition; Sustainable use of land and Nature-Based solutions; Urban mobility; Digital transition; Innovative and responsible public procurement.

[4] Based on past experience, it should be noted that even quite small municipalities in some cases below 50,000 people have investment programmes of this size; also, through investment facilities such as financial instruments intermediated through banks or urban agencies smaller towns even below 10,000 can be reached on an intermediated basis.